With a 30% yearly refresh rate, we are always looking for talented artists to bring new and exciting ideas to our line to help keep our collection fresh and up-to-date. We strive to make cards that are unique and have original visual content.

At RSVP, we love independent artists and always hope to establish long-term relationships through which we can foster the artist’s creative spirit and talent. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate openly with artists, which makes it easy to work with us.

Given we have on-going releases, we are always happy to review submissions.

We also welcome full-concept artist/writers who have ideas for both the text and art. Often when text and art evolve together it can make for a stronger and more clever card.




  • surprising, unexpected

  • refreshing, original

  • clever

  • sassy, witty

  • outrageous, provocative

  • staying power, lasting

  • innovative, non-formulaic


  • beautiful

  • unique

  • colorful / bright

  • fun (whimsical art is often light-hearted and contemporary)

  • sophisticated

  • well-excuted

  • contemporary

  • hand lettered typography

  • On trend/topical