We are always looking for new talent when it comes to writing! We publish cards with fresh and innovative messages that express sentiments in interesting, non-formulaic ways. Our line has a broad range of card types, from short and sweet to witty and sharp to long and heart-felt. While humor writing will always be slightly different than non-humor writing, here are some common qualities that we look for when it comes to writing
for our greeting cards.


Authentic: Writing that comes across as being honest and real in tone and genuine in what it conveys. 
It isn’t overly formal or “flowery” and doesn’t rely on clichés.

Emotionally Inspired: Writing that is connective and personal. It touches on the human experience
and doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects.

Clever and Original: It makes statements or draws comparisons that are unique and meaningful
without being trite.

Succinct: It conveys the message in a concise way without using many unnecessary words. 
It is not so effusive and/or grandiose that the message feels contrived or unauthentic.

Current in tone, terminology and expression: It uses contemporary language and style,
but not to the extent that it will become dated quickly.